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Welcome to Astonished!
Massage & Facial Spa

Tranquil Atmosphere for Your Relaxation Getaway

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Our Services

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About Astonished! Spa

Why Astonished!?

What makes Astonished! different from other spas?

We provide you with the full 60/90/120 minutes of hands-on treatment for massages and the full 60 minutes of hands-on treatment for facials. Plus you'll receive a consultation with your therapist beforehand, plenty of time to change afterwards, and you'll receive your therapist's advice on stretching, self-care tips, and other personal recommendations. Our sessions are never rushed, never cut short, and always focused on your complete satisfaction!

“I had an amazing experience at Astonished! Spa. The massage was so relaxing and rejuvenating. I highly recommend their services.”

“The facials at Astonished! Spa are simply amazing. My skin has never looked better and I feel so refreshed and revitalized after each treatment.”

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